Friday, July 11, 2008

Jacobs Creek

For my inaugural post I'd like to share with you a rare major label psych gem. Released by Columbia Records in 1968, Jacobs Creek one and only released album deserves you're acid-riddled attention. Not a blown out fuzz monster by any means, Jacobs Creek trades in well written songs, tight vocal harmonies and the occasional egregious over use of a horn section. Steve Burgh's lead guitar is the definite highlight of the proceedings.

Jacobs Creek "S/T" 1968

2.Anonymous Verdict Suite: A.Jesus' Return B. Christian Man
3.Everything's Gonna Be All Right
4.Coming...The River
5.Do you Understand
6.What's Around
7.A Love Song
8.Behind The Door
9.What You Hear
10.Lonely Fire
11.The Circle