Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Razxca is the one man analog noise project of Mikhail Gusenkov. In email exchanges with Gusenkov, he informed me that he maintains an anti-consumerist lifestyle and chooses to live simply;wearing 2 dollar pants in a self sustained eco-village outside of Moscow refraining from drugs and alcohol. Over a year a ago he sold most of his music collection and some musical instruments including a djimbe. He cites Iannis Xenakis as an influence on his work along with dub and that he seeks to "create original dub vibes in noise wall." In his pursuit of making"rhythms without beats" Gusenkov utilizes
tape loops and "fail DATA",which he explained as using a trial version of Cool Edit pro and "playing" files not associated with sound and recording them to tape.

Gusenkov has amassed over 160 releases since 1997 with most of them being self released and always free of charge. Gusenkov sites the American net label Proc-Records as his biggest proponent, compares his music to Swedish project Blod, and claims association with the Low Bit aesthetic movement.

The Ukrainian label Genetic Trance, whose stated mission is the dissemination of free information,recently anthologized the majority of Razxca's output on Works(2000-2010)and is available for free. At over three gigs, Works is impenetrable and I defy even the most brain-rotted static fiend to make it through the first two tracks which combine to make up the piece "42 Hours of Noise Kundalini." That title is no exaggeration, by the way. The brazen and self-indulgent scope of a piece that would take a work week to get through both horrifies and fosters a sneering respect for an artist who truly has no designs of gaining commercial appeal. Works contains shorter pieces as well; varying from sparse minimalist sketches to fully formed noise blowouts reminiscent of Japanese noise outfits such as C.C.C.C. For the uninitiated, I suggest checking out his split release with Italian artist Dust Cult. At a very palatable 7 minutes, "Uo" is a superb realization of intricately layered psychedelic noise that does indeed summon rhythmic ghosts. Razxca's N-Series cassette is another fine entry point to the work of this intriguing Russian artist.

Razxca - Works (2000-2010)
Razxca - N-Series CS10
Razxca/Dust Cult - Split

Monday, March 07, 2011

Happy Birthday Arthur

Playlist for Just Music 03/06/11

Great show this week. We played some new jams from Gift Tapes and Hospital Productions,and mixed in harsh Canadian noise with left field boogie and a touch of dancehall before finishing with a great new tape by Brooklyn's own High School Confidential. check out the archive here. (Brand new archives by the way, fully searchable and pausable!)

Playlist for Just Music 03/06/11

1.Band Of Susans – “Hope Against Hope” from Wired For Sound 1986-1993(Blast First,1995)
2.Faust – “Tell The Bitch To Go Home “ from Something Dirty (Bureau B,2011)
3.Contrepoison- “A Deserted Story” from Vatican Shadow/Contrepoison Split CS (Hospital Productions,2011)
4.Brusnt – “Auwa” from Rrroster (Konduktor,1985)
5.Jeff Phelps – “Lock High” from Magnetic Eyes (Tomlab,1985/2010)
6.Million Mists – “Intro/ The Garden Level “ from Original Motion (Gift Tapes,2011)
7. Bailter Space – “Begin” from Robot World(Matador,1993)
8. Minny Pops – “Secret Story” from Secret Story 7” (Factory,1982)
9. Nelson Slater - ? from Steam-age Time-giant (Are and Be,?)
10. Sleepy Wonder- “Big In Body” from Big in Body 7” (Park Heights,?)
11. White Mice – “It’s A Shame” from White Mice (Basic Replay,2006)
12. Nageswara Rao -“Raghuvamsa/Kadanakutuhalam,/Adi “ from Reflets de L'inde (Barclay,?)
13. Annexus Quam – “Trobluhs El e Isch” from Beziehungen (Wah-Wah, 1972/2008)
14. Blodarna – “Diggar Ditt Hal” from Diggar Ditt Hal 7” (Heartwork,1979)
15. Wormrot – “Lost Swines” from Abuse (Earache,2010)
16. Ivens & Occult Blood – “Ode To Falling” from USA Tour Crew Ode To Falling / USA Tour Party Jams CS (Self-Released,2011
17.Hoor-paar-Kraat- “Lacking a Cast Shadow” from The Eureka Tapes: The Complete Recordings (Small Doses,2011)
18. U-Boats - ? from ? 7" (?,?)
19.Women In Prison – “Strange Waves” from Strange Waves 7” (HoZac,2011)
20. A5 - “Kalte Erotik” from Kalte Erotik / Längst Vorbei? 7” (No Fun,1981)
21. Catharsist – “untitled” from Dimension Dementia (Caustic Tapes,1986)
22.Buk Buk Bigups – “Hotter Mess” from Hotter Mess 12" (Weird Forest,2010)
23. Bruno Spoerri - “Glückskugel - The Race” from Glückskugel (Finders Keepers,2006)
24.High School Confidential – “Until There Was Rock You Only Had God” from Demon With A Duck's Ass CS (Self-Released,2011)

Thursday, March 03, 2011

The Return Of Avant Ghetto Presents

After a winter hiatus, Avant Ghetto Presents returns March 22nd with a killer bill at Union Pool.

Avant Ghetto Presents:

Wally Shoup/ C. Spencer Yeh / Ben Hall
Goblin War Trio
Ceci Moss/C.Lavender

March 22nd,2011 9 PM
Union Pool
484 Union Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211

RSVP on Facebook

More info on the performers:

Wally Shoup / C. Spencer Yeh / Ben Hall Trio

Seattle-based alto saxophonist Wally Shoup has been involved in
improvised music as a creative artist, writer, organizer, and DJ since
the mid-1970s. His first album, 1981’s independently released
Scree-Run Waltz, was a duo with percussionist Ross Rabin that showed
Shoup creating a unique language equally influenced by European
improvisation and Southern R&B, blues, and soul musics. Over the
course of his long and varied career he’s worked with Davey Williams,
La Donna Smith, Evan Parker, Paul Flaherty, Jack Wright, Thurston
Moore, Chris Corsano, Nels Cline, Reuben Radding, and many others. He
continues to help organize Seattle’s Improvised Music Festival as he
has since 1985, which celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2010 making
it the country’s longest running US event of its kind. In addition to
his diverse involvement in improvised music, his paintings have been
displayed in several galleries and appear on many of his album covers.


C. Spencer Yeh was born in Taipei, Taiwan 1975, and now lives in
Cincinnati, Ohio. He is active both as a solo and collaborative
artist, as well as with his primary project, Burning Star Core. As an
improviser, Yeh is focused on developing a personal vocabulary using
violin, voice, and electronics. As a sound artist/composer, Yeh
explores with all aspects surrounding a work, aurally and physically,
as elements key to the cumulative experience. He is concerned not only
with the sensual aspects of 'sound organization,' but the gestural
qualities as well. Yeh has collaborated with a deep and ever-growing
list of artists and groups, including Tony Conrad, New Humans with
Vito Acconci, Evan Parker, Thurston Moore, Amy Granat with Jutta
Koether, Okkyung Lee, Justin Lieberman, John Wiese, Don Dietrich, Nate
Wooley, Chris Corsano, Prurient, and Jandek.


Ben Hall is a drummer, percussionist, tympanist and a founding member
of the 1/4 speed Michigan chamber jazz group Graveyards, as well as a
co-curator of the experimental label brokenresearch. Other groups
include Mêlée with cellist Hans Buetow and trumpeter Nate Wooley,
Trauma with guitarist Chris Riggs, The New Monuments with Don Dietrich
of Borbetomagus and C. Spencer Yeh of Burning Star Core, a duo with
violinist Mike Khoury, a duo with saxophonist Wally Shoup, a trio with
Joe Morris and Chris Riggs, and a quartet with Vic Rawlings, Greg
Kelley, and Chris Riggs.


Goblin War Trio

Featuring members of Brooklyn's finest experimental/progressive sound
mercenaries Grasshopper,Opponents, and Rust Worship, Goblin War Trio
delivers some kind of doom infused free sprawl that, had they been
around in the 60's, would have fit very nicely on the ESP-Disk'


C. Lavender/Ceci Moss

C. Lavender is a multidisciplinary artist currently residing in the
upper Hudson Valley region of New York . Previously working primarily
with plunderphonics, she now focuses on sound and performance as a
whole. Her performances vary in instrumentation, length, and intensity
with consideration to intuition and mood which reflects the atmosphere
of the space. C. Lavender has performed at The Voice of the Valley
festival in West Virginia, The International Noise Conference in Miami
and The New York Eye & Ear fest. www.clavender.net

Ceci Moss is a writer, musician, DJ, and curator. She plays bass in
the band Cellular Chaos and previously recorded solo material as Mi Or
and the Pedestals, putting out releases on Gift Tapes and Two Thousand
Tapes. http://amillionkeys.com/


Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Interview With Rene Hell + Stream a Track From His Forthcoming Type LP "The Terminal Symphony"

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to have a gchat with Jeff Witscher a.k.a Rene Hell last week. We rapped about minimalism, punk rock, and motorcycles. Jeff and Type were gracious enough to give us an exclusive sneak peak of the new Type LP. Head over to East Village Radio to read the interview and hear the new jam.