Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Radiant Husk- Beyond An Endless Swale CS (Bezoar Formations,2009)

Radiant Husk is the work of Matthew Erickson. As one half of the Bay Area duo Sudden Oak, Erickson summons sheets of fire through his saxophone creating an interesting bridge between noise and free jazz. This particular release finds Erickson accompanying himself on keyboards, drums, and electronics. Less claustrophobic than the Sudden Oak releases I've heard, the jams on Beyond An Endless Swale play as some sort of urban meditation ritual. Building on skeletal drones, Erickson's saxophone alternates between soulful cries of beauty and frenzied,dissonant shrieks. One can hear the influence of Brontzman and other European Free Improvisers combined with a love of the deep space created by the first wave of German electronic exploration. Highly recommended.

This is released by Sudden Oak's own Bezoar Formations label and may still be available for purchase here.

Lard Free

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Help On The Way

Sorry for the lack of action around here.I could easily throw a few links up and be done with it but I feel that shortchanges both artist and audience. I would like to remind you that I work extremely hard on my 2 radio shows and would greatly appreciate if you took some time to check them out.(Just Music and Bring Out Your Dead...links on the right)

Also, if yr a label or musician looking for exposure, I welcome all submissions. I can't guarantee I will write about everything I receive but I promise I will listen to all the jams.