Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ende Tymes

Ende Tymes Festival of Noise and Experimental Liberation :: June 24-26 @ Silent Barn & Outpost :: Ridgewood NY

Ende Tymes Festival is a 3 day festival dedicated to DIY experimental music and video art. With workshops, discussions, screenings, and live music performances, Ende Tymes will expose local fans and artists to processes and production techniques, as well as the work of distant and older practitioners of the hands-on, street-level experimental media arts. Workshops will be conducted in DIY radio transmission, and Victorian Synths and Other Analog Wizardry. A discussion will occur between elder members of the noise and experimental music scene to talk about "street-level experimental music and the evolution of interface and community." Screenings and live performances with video will happen on 3 consecutive nights, featuring curated artists as well as selected pieces from a public call for submissions. Live performances of noise and experimental music will happen on 3 consecutive nights featuring nearly 40 acts from across the US

confirmed artists for performances:
Phill Niblock (NYC)
GX Jupitter-Larsen / The Haters (CA)
Gen Ken Montgomery (NYC)
Damion Romero (CA)
The Rat Bastard Experience (FL)
Vertonen (IL)
MV Carbon (NYC)
Mike Shiflet (OH)
Bruce Tovsky (NYC)
David Linton (NYC)
Al Margolis (NYC)
Crank Sturgeon (ME)
IDM Theftable (ME)
C. Spencer Yeh (NYC)
Bran(…)Pos (CA)
Sick Llama (MI)
Work/Death (RI)
Andrew Coltrane (MI)
Dog Lady (MI)
Novasak (CO)
Fatale (IL)
Monsturo (CA)
Page27 (CO)
Postcommodity (OK/NM)
BWT / ex-Is (IL)
Brown (OR)
Jeff Carey (MD)
Liam Mooney (CA)
Don Haugen (OR)
Yellow Tears (NYC)
Twisty Cat (NYC)
Hex Breaker Quartet (NYC)
Kyle Clyde (NYC)
Cowards (NYC)
ISA Christ (NYC)
Rust Worship (NYC)

$25 weekend passes and other affordable perks available at kickstarter:

more info:

Thursday, April 28, 2011




4/29/11 9PM | $5
Port D'OR
841 Sterling Place
Brooklyn, NY 11216

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Playlist for Just Music 04/24/11

1. Sonic Youth - Catholic Block from Sister LP (Blast First)
2. The Men - ( ) from Leave Home LP (Sacred Bones)
3. Unrest - 91st Century Schizoid Man from Fuck Pussy Galore & All of Her Friends LP (Matador)
4. Human Eye - Alien Creeps from They Came From The Sky LP (Sacred Bones)
5. Space Phlegm - Holiday from Smash '83 CS (??)
6. Dustdevils - Hip Priest from Struggling Electric & Chemical (Matador)
7. Onomatopeia - A Free Dead Dog With Every Jar from It's Onomatopeia LP (Cheeses International)
8. Jean-Pierre Massiera - Bizarre from Psychoses Freakoid 1963-1978 LP (Mucho Gusto)
9. Mutators - I Want A Mind from Kill Me LP (??)
10. Wally Shoup/Chris Corsano/Paul Flaherty - Buried Alive in Seatlle from Bounced Check LP (??)
11. Art Ensemble of Chicago - Checkmate/Dautalty from Great Black Music Live At Mandel Hall (Delmark)
12. Toning - Secret Trip from Pitch The Drone CS (Stunned)
13. Martin Newell - Sun Comes To The Wood from Songs For A...Fallow Land (Fixed Identity)
14,Sahel Sounds - Polisario from Music From Saharan Cell Phones CS (Mississippi)
15. Fusioon - Farsa Del Buen Vivir from Absolute Belter LP (Finders Keepers)
16. Panbers - Haai from Those Shocking, Shaking Days LP (Now Again)
17. Arcseconds - Lima Yankee Seven Alpha from Acrseconds/Sundrips Split CS (Stunned)
18. Alan Sonheim - Rock from T'Other Little Tune LP (ESP-Disk)
19. Choke Thirst Die - Bastard Race from Demonstration Desolation LP (??)
20. Ash Borer - Rest, You Are The Lightning from S/T CS (Worship Black Twilight)
21. Melvins -Anaconda from Your Choice Live Series CD (Your Choice)

Listen to the show via EVR's beautiful new Archive Player here.

Friday, April 22, 2011


WYATT HOWLAND aka RUIN aka the midwest's finest FILTH MOTHA brings the sickened jamz to NYC! releases on HANSON and every other label that doesn't suck, CLEVELAND GUTTER NOISE!

ANDREW KIRSHNER & JAKE JOHNSON, members of the family chapter & relentless corpse, releases on GODS OF TUNDRA & MISTAKE BY THE LAKE, choke synth space DEATH!

trash electronics, "youngstown ohio MANIAC!"

red light district, "apathy towards the end times"

house messiah


841 Sterling Pl.
Brooklyn, NY 11216

Monday, April 18, 2011

Playlist for Just Music 04/17/11

1. Meat Puppets - I Just Want To Make Love To You - Meat Puppets LP (SST/Ryko)
2. Agatha - 16 Things I Like - Getting Dressed For A Death Metal Party 7" (Smatz)
3. Total Abuse - It's Alright, I'm All Wrong - Sex Pig CS (Breathing Problem)
4. Sharp Ends - Can't Say No - Broadview Pressure Test 7" (Mammoth Cave)
5. Bal Pare' - Wir Kamen Nie An - United EP (Minimal Wave)
6. Culturcide - Plague/Disco - Year One LP (C.I.A)
7. Beyond Posession - Skaters Life/No Religion - Tell Tale Heart 7" (Rooter)
8. Harry Pussy - ? - Ride a Dove LP (Siltbreeze)
9. Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement - Life Would Transform - Fallen Leaves Behind Tropical Flowers CS (Hospital)
10.Grasshopper - Untitled - Click Here To Try Drugs CS (Baked Tapes)
11. Winter - Oppression Freedom - Into Darkness (Southern Lord)
12. Malevolent Creation - Impaled Existance - The Ten Commandments LP (Roadrunner)
13. Sewer Goddess - A Lifeless Dreaming - Split CS (Degenerate Slime)
14. Os Mutantes - Bavinda - Jardim Electrico LP (Polydor)
15. The Alps - Loves of a Blonde - Easy Action LP (Mexican Summer)
16. Lee Noble - Powers of Ten - Our Star, The Sun CS (Moon Glyph)
17. Bruno Menny - Cosmos -Cosmographie CD-R (Creel Prone)
18. Dolphins Into The Future - The Voice Of The Silence, Being A Poem Of Incorporeality Part 1. - The Voice of the Silence CS (Cetacean Nation)
19. Tolerance - Laughin in the Shadows - Anonym LP (Vanity)
20. Mysteres du Serpent - Untitled - Mondo Neptune CS (Baked Tapes)
21. Musica Elettronica Viva -Regentanz - PST LP (Pure Freude)

Listen to the archive on East Village Radio here.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Driphouse on East Village Radio

Casey and I were joined this week by another musician we both greatly admire. Daren Ho, a.k.a Driphouse, lugged all of his gear from Brooklyn to the EVR studio and proceeded to blow us all away with a killer set of cosmic circuitry. Our friend Mike Wolf was in town and spun some nice scummy noise rock records to keep us grounded as well. Check out the playlist below and listen to the EVR archive,which is brand new and supports pause, fast-froward and reverse, here.

Playlist for Just Music 4/10/11
1. Liturgy - Generation from Aesthetica LP (Thrill Jockey)
2. The Body - Just,Wretched from Split 7"(Aum War/Sweat Lung)
3. Cephalic Index - Step Inside from Cephalic Index CS (Xkurzhen Sound)
4. Rene Hell - Lighthouse Marvel from The Terminal Symphony LP (Type)
5. Wizzard Sleeve - Setting Fire To Your Loft from Split 7" (Jeth-Row)
6. Bloodloss - Shake Your Leaves from The Truth Comes Marching In LP (Aberrant)
7. Goblin - Dawn Of The Dead from Dawn Of The Dead LP (Varese)
8. Lubricated Goat - Nervequake from Plays The Devil's Music LP (Amphetamine Reptile)
9. Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments - Please Hear My Plea from Career Interruption Code 7" (Datapanik)
10. Puffy Areolas - Rock N Roll Express from Rock N Roll Express 7" (De Stasi)
11. Jason Lescalleet - Untitled from Another Example Of Parkinson's Law 7" (Freedom From)
12. Driphouse - Untitled LIVE IN EVR STUDIO
13. Cocteau Twins - Wax And Wane from Garlands LP (4AD)
14. SF - Catface from Supra 7" (Flying Nun)
15. Sun City Girls - Dmcar from Grotto Of Miracles LP (Placebo)
16. Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 - Prelmnl from Tangle LP (Thwart)
17. Arbete Och Fritid - Petrokemi det kan man inte bada i from Arbete Och Fritid LP (MNW)
18. The Clean - Getting Older from 7" (Flying Nun)
19. Tyndall - Unterwegs from Traumland LP (Sky)
20. Thee U.P. - Get Ur Thunder And Lightning from ...That Cool It's Hot!!!(Pop 12.01 X)

Monday, April 04, 2011

Michael Morley on East Village Radio

Casey and I welcomed Michael Morley (The Dead C,Gate) on the Just Music program on April 3rd, 2011. Michael did a live performance using his laptop and a synthesizer program for a handheld Nintendo system. The set was really incredible. Michael followed that up with a raw demo for his next Gate LP; a beat driven piece of warped techno that will surely send long-time Gate fans into a spiral of confusion. Mr.Morley hung out for the whole show, chatted with us, ate some matza(donated by our new friend and rabbinacal student Ari)played some tracks and bought some art from our buddy PMD. Listen to the archive here.

Playlist for Just Music 4/3/11

1. Coolies - "Holiday" from Master LP
2. Coolies - "Pull the Trigger" from Master LP
3. Idi Amin and the Amputees - "Disco Bitch" from Disco Bitch 7"
4. The 3ds - "Summer Stone" from Summer Stone 7"
5. Harry Pussy - "Nazi U.S.A: from What Was Music? LP
6. Simply Saucer - "Nazi Apocalypse" from Cyborgs Revisited LP
7. Medicine and Duty - "Baton Charge" from Sunken Carnival LP
8. Claire Thomas and Susan Vezey - "Diamonds and Ashes" from Snatch Paste: An Assortment of Snatch Tapes LP
9. Anthony Braxton - "Cut Two" from Five Pieces 1975 LP
10.Gate(Michael Morley) - "Untitled" Live in EVR studio
11.Gate - "Hijack" from Saturday Night Fever (unreleased)
12. Alberich - "Skyweeper" from NATO-Uniformen Cassette Box Set
13. Stereo - "Somewheere in the Night" from Somewhere in the Night LP
14. Suicide - "Dream Baby Dream" from The Second Album LP
15. Wolf Eyes - "Dead In a Boat" from Burned Mind LP