Monday, August 15, 2011

Avant Ghetto Presents: Bee Mask|Drainolith|Alberich|Hollow Seed

Thursday, September 15th at 8pm
Shea Stadium
20 Meadow Street
Brooklyn, NY 11206
L to Grand Street

Playlist for Just Music 8/14/11

A fun night all around at EVR as we welcomed drummer Russell Burn back to the show. Russell played in legendary Scottish post-punk outfit Fire Engines back in the day and keeps himself busy these days recording with a new project called Spector Bullets. Russell played us some of his new music and we talked about John Peel and Italian Prog-Rock. I'm also very proud of my mixing skills in the first half of the program with Gravitar>Pharoah Sanders>Total.

1.Bodychoke - Hook from Mindshaft CD (Freek)
2.Toll - Brute Freeze from Christ Knows CS (Broken Flag)
3.Gravitar - 11/97 5 from Trial By Fire CS (PsychForm)
4.Pharoah Sanders - Black Unity Part II (excerpt) from Black Unity LP (Impulse!)
5.Total - Sifter from Beyond The Rim LP (Majora)
6.The Melvins - Skweetis/Queen from Stoner Witch LP (Atlantic)
7.Blut Aus Nord - Slaughterday (The Heathern Blood Of Ours) from Memoria Vetusta: Fathers Of The Icy Age CD (Impure Creations)
8.Television Personalities - Le Grande Illusion from Peel Session 1980-09-01
9.Fire Engines - Big Gold Dream from Big Gold Dream 12"
10.Spector Bullets - Miss Ground Zero from Spector Bullets CD (Mayakovsky Produkts)
11.The Mickey Bliss Band - Trapezoid from Venus Dressed In Plastic Garbage (Hitman)
12.The Soft Machine - Hibou, Anemone And Bear from Volume Two LP (ABC)
13.Latte E Miele - Vacche Sacre from Aquile E Scoiattoli LP (Crime)
14.Osanna - Variazione II (My Mind Flies) from Milano Calibro 9 LP (Fonit)
15.Spector Bullets - The Spector Bullets from Unreleased
16.The Defendants - Such A Spiv from 7" (Edible)
17.The Pastels - Baby Honey from Peel Session 1984
18.Television Personalities - Bombom (Unreleased)
19.Acanthus - La Chateau from Le Frisson Des Vampires CD (Finders Keepers) 20.Ofege - Try And Love from Try And Love LP (Academy)
21.Goblin - Zarztozom from Dawn Of The Dead Soundtrack LP (Dagored)
22.Jimi Hendrix with Curtis Knight - Hornets Nest

Listen to the archive here.