Sunday, April 25, 2010

Playlist for Just Music 04/25/10

!.China Shop - Monkey Talk - Atomic Notions LP
2.Camel- Mystic Queen - S/T
3.Tangerine Zoo - Gloria - S/T
4.Goblin - La Danza - Il Fantasico.. LP
5.Suprieze - Zero - Zeer Oude Klanken CS
6. Don Cherry - Kamapa Chenno - Hear & Now LP
7.Ornette Coleman - Love Call - Love Call LP
8.Hat City Intuitive - Incontrollable Spacetime Solace Foodstuff - A Ticket For Decay! LP
9.Alexander Von Borsig - Helmut,25,Medizinestudent - Hiroshima LP
10.Lussuria- Untitled - Silk & Honey CS
11.Solid Space - Tenth Planet - Space Museum CS
12.The Reactors - Seduction Center - I Want Sex 7"
13.19[/juke] - Breakfast For RB Kitaj - 7"
14.Alberich - Open Warfare - Of Man,Of Genius CS
15.Kosmonautentraum- Side B - Immer Laut Horen 7"
16.Kawaiitely Please - Earwhig Pow Wow - Ladyz In Noyz:An Addendum CD
17.Asmus Teichens - Blutmund - Biotop LP
18.Sentimentale Jugend - Tote Kammer - Cassettencombinat W.Berlin 80-81 CS
19.Experimental Products - Glowing in the Dark - 12"
20.Transparent Illusion - The Age Of Ridicule/Malice Way - Still Human LP
21.Il Volo - Come Una Zanzara - S/T LP

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Endless Sea - Hunter's Song CS20 (Second Sleep,2008)

I went to a bookstore today and couldn't find what I wanted. I bounced from one obnoxious unhelpful employee to the next until I met the king creep. I wanted to choke him with the cord to my headphones. This tape would be the perfect soundtrack for such a crime.

Endless Sea - Hunter's Song CS20 (Second Sleep,2008)


Death to Pseudo-Intellectuals

Monday, April 12, 2010

Playlist for Just Music 04/11/10

1.Robert Pollard - Maggie Turns To Flies - Not In My Airforce (Matador)
2.This Heat - Health and Efficiency - Health and Efficiency (This Is)
3.Due Process - Side B excerpt - RRRadio 41-55 (RRRecords)
4.Finnforest - Happea - Finnforest (Love)
5.Atoll - Je Suis D'Ailleurs - Musiciens Magiciens (Eurodisc)
6.Crazy Dreams Band - Awkward For Everyone - War Dream (Holy Mountain)
7.Jooklo Duo - Baritone Song - Live in Itri (Qbico)
8.Akira Sakata & Chikamorachi - In Case, Let's Go Galaxy - Friendly Pants (Family Vineyard)
9.Branca - The Blood - The Ascension:The Sequel (Systems Neutralizers)
10.The Bark Haze - Saturday - The Bark Haze LP (Important)
11.Astromero - Live On Romaine 1996 - Astromero (P-Tapes/Troniks)
12.Chris Weisman & Greg Davis - New Americans - Northern Songs (Home Normal)
13.Roy Harper - The Same Old Rock - Stormcock (Harvest)
14.Yes- The Revealing Science Of God - Tales Of Topographic Oceans (Atlantic)

Listen Here

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ragas From South India (Folkways Records,1967)

Admittedly, my knowledge of Indian music is cursory at best; derived mostly from secondary sources such as LaMonte Young,Terry Riley,Robbie Basho and latter day raga worshippers like Matt Valentine, Jack Rose and James Blackshaw. Sure I've always had a few Ravi Shankar LPs on the shelf but I've yet to dive head long into that vast sea of microtones.

This LP caught my eye the other day as I was shopping at one of my favorite local spots; Permanent Records here in Brooklyn. Ragas From South India's cover stood out as the photograph boasted two Indian musicians in what I believe to be traditional Indian dress and a sunglasses-clad woman who could have easily passed for Moe Tucker as seen on the back of White Light/White Heat.

It turns out the woman is none other than Dorothy Moskowitz, member of Joe Byrd's United States Of America group whose sole album is a crucial document of forward thinking in rock music. Upon reading the extensive notes in the original LP I discovered Ms.Moskowitz was a student of Ragas of South India's featured vocalist and Gottuvaydyam player Gayathri Rajapur and contributes tamboura with Harihar Rao rounding out the ensemble on percussion.Joe Byrd himself contributes to the liner notes with a very accessible basic explanation of the music, players and instrumentation.

With Pandit Pran Nath being the only other Indian vocalist I've listened to with any regularity I can only say the two vocal pieces are less mystical then those of Nath but no less enveloping. Whereas Nath's work strikes me as somewhat foreboding, Rajapur's voice alternates between tender yearning and pure jubilation. As stunning as the vocal ragas are, it is the second side's instrumental ragas that will transport deep listeners into a state of pure bliss. Ragas From South India is an absolutely perfect record for peaceful mornings and reflective evenings.

Ragas of South India (Folkways Records,1967)

Side A

1. Varna: Shankaraburana
2. Kruti: Bhairavi Raga

Side B

3. Kruti: Hatha Raga
4. Raga Malica With Tilana


Friday, April 09, 2010

Playlist for Just Music 4/4/10

1. Francisco- Heal Yourself - Cosmic Beam Experience LP
2. The Alps - Crossing the Sands - Le Voyage LP ( Type )
3. Peter Hammill - Red Shift - The Silent Corner And The Empty Stage LP (Charisma)
4. Opponents - Untitled - I Swarm With A Thousand Bees CDR ( Obsolete Units)
5. People Of The North - Tunnels - Deep Tissue (Brah)
6. Geoffrey Landers - It's Telling On Me...Test One - Habitual Features (Cauhaus)
7. Offerings - Unititled 4 - Black Master CS (Satan's Din)
8. Mark Mcguire - Vacation - Vacation Days CDR (Wagon)
9. Moebius And Plank - Tollkuhn - Material LP (Sky)
10.Lem- Headstone- Machines LP (Wavefront)
11.The Ones- Lady Greengrass- 45 (Star-Club)
12.Kebnekaise - Kommunisera - Resa Mot Okant Mal LP (Silence)
13.Skatalites- A Shot In The Dark - 45 (Top Deck)
14.Desmond Dekker - Fu Man Chu - 45 (Beverly's)
15.Sun Ra and His Arkestra - Third Planet - Playing Horizon LP (Saturn)
16.Mako Sica - W - Plays Live On Mayday At The Strobe LP (Permanent)
17.John Bender- 33A1 - I Don't Remeber LP (Record Sluts)
18.Pain Nail - Loan Sakeet/Merkitseminen/Kadotscomp - Nyrkki & Krypa CS (Filth And Violence)

Listen here.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Avant Ghetto Presents : Tom Carter, PG Six w/ Bob Bannister, Mushroom Cloud

Avant Ghetto presents an evening of guitar excursions into the unknown.

Wednesday, April 7th 8 PM

Zebulon Cafe

258 Wythe Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Tom Carter (Charlambides,Friday Group)-

PG Six w/ Bob Bannister (Tower Recordings)

Mushroom Cloud

This is the third installment in the Avant Ghetto Live Experiments, your attendance would be much appreciated.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Mark Mcguire/Hexbreaker Quintet/Sam Goldberg/Human Teenager TONIGHT!!!

I'm not nearly old enough to espouse on the long form degradation of the New York City music scene. I can say with some authority and first hand experience that the sterilization of what passes for the underground within the city limits (most notably McBrooklyn) accelerates each year with the seemingly endless influx of smug, overeducated charlatans playing artist and directing all the bills for their faux-bohemian lifestyle to Oedipal addresses in the suburban wasteland of mediocrity. Thankfully there are still some warriors fighting the good fight and the stars have aligned to bring us a night of amazing jams at Death By Audio.

Mark Mcguire
Sam Goldberg as Radio People
Hexbreaker Quintet ( Telecult Powers + Jesse from Grasshopper + Carlos Hernandez)
Human Teenager (Taylor Richardson from Infinity Window/Sunburned w/ Gary War)

April 1st,2010


Death By Audio
495 South 2nd Street
Brooklyn,NY 11211