Friday, November 06, 2009

Support Yr Idols

Please tune in to Just Music on Sunday night as Jeff and Casey help
commemorate the 45th anniversary of ESP-Disk'; NYC's historic home for
the avant garde.

"The artists alone decide what you hear on the ESP Disk"

ESP-Disk' was formed in NYC and helped to document the thriving avant
garde jazz scene and the fringe rock and folk acts that toiled in the
clubs and coffeehouses of a now-extinct city. Boasting a one of a kind
roster, ESP-Disk' is responsible for the dissemination of some major
works by many of music's great iconoclasts such as Albert Ayler, Sun
Ra, Don Cherry, Ornette Coleman, The Godz,The Holy Modal Rounders and
a myriad of other acts who sought to expand sonic horizons. ESP-Disk's
discography has become synonymous with forward thinking music,
covering such seemingly disparate genres as psychedelic rock, modern
composition, electronic music, folk and soul as well as their
unequalled stable of free jazz giants.

Sadly, not every musician gets his or her fair due in terms of
monetary compensation. Jazz musicians are disproportionately affected
by the fickle nature of the recording industry and are often
marginalized to the point of utter destitution. The Jazz Foundation of
America's goal is to ensure that those who trade in America's
idiosyncratic art form are able to survive in a musical climate that
honors commerce above artistry. The Jazz Foundation of America has
been fighting to keep jazz and blues musicians from going hungry for
20 years with the help of donations from music lovers around the
world. This weekend the JFA teams up with the newly resurrected
ESP-Disk' Records at the Bowery Poetry Club to celebrate the 45th
Anniversary of the label's formation with all the door proceeds going
to help keep a roof over the head's of America's forgotten artists.

If yr in the NYC area come out and have yr synapses fried. I'll be in the house spinning jams between bands. Oh, and it's totally free.