Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Playlist for Just Music 6/26/11

Not much craziness to report from this past week's show: I tried to get our interns to make out, we jammed a newly acquired original pressing of my favorite metal record of all time—Napalm Death's Scum, and we heard some of Lussuria's amazing Ghost Entanglement LP. Oh, yeah, Duke from the East Village based prog-rock group Spaces came by with his newly recorded album. In a rarely seen act of charity, we played a track off of the record much to Duke's delight. It wasn't even awful. Look at that. Check out all the cool shit we played below and listen to the archive.

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1.Plastic Bertrand - Tout Petite La Planete from J'Te Fais Un Plan LP (RKM)
2.Bee Mask- Untitled from Canzoni dal Laboratorio del Silenzio Cosmico LP (Spectrum Spools)
3.Conrad Schniztler - Side A Track 1 from Conrad & Sohn LP (Captain Trip)
4.Nails Ov Christ - Tora! Tora! from Beat of the Blood LP (Extreme)
5.Silver Ash - Lifeboat from Deathless 7" (Generate Records)
6.Black Death- Resessenheit Die Ich Brauche from Katharsis Kalte Lieder Aus Der Holle LP (Hospital Productions)
7.Spaces - Edge of Forever from Nothing Exists But Atoms And The Void CD (Self-released)
8.SBB - Pamiec W Kamien Wrasta from Pamiec LP (Muza)
9.Orchestra Njervudarev - Tot Stelle Reflex from Con Le Orecchie Di Eros LP (EMI)
10.La Statale 17 - La Paramide Del Potere (Rock Scene)
11.Ash Ra Tempel - Laughter Loving from Starring Rosi LP (Ohr)
12.Napalm Death - Life? / Prison Without Walls /Point Of No Return from Scum LP (Mosh / Ear Ache)
13.Flipper - Hahaha from 7" (Subterranean)
14.The Twenty Second Sect - Ring My Bell from Get That Charge LP (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
15.Leather Nun - No Rule from Slow Death 7" (Industrial)
Jun 26
16.Second Layer - Courts or Wars from Flesh As Property (Tortch)
17.Useless Children - Skin from Skin 7" (Criminal IQ)
18.Killdozer - New Pants And Shirt from Twelve Point Buck LP (Touch And Go)
19.Struggler - Recrudesce from Recrudesce 12" (Not So Brave)
20.Enio Morricone and Bruno Nicolai - Ippolita, Daughter of Satan from D'Antichristo
21.Lussuria - Profumo Della Signora In Nero from Ghost Entanglement LP (Hospital Productions)
22.Etant Donnes - Monde Et Chair from Plutot Le Exile CS (??)

Listen to the show here.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Playlist for Just Music 6/19/2011 Featuring a Live Performance by The Tenses (Members of Smegma)

Thanks to my friend C. Spencer Yeh, we had the extraordinary pleasure of welcoming Ju Suk Reet Meate and Jackie Oblivia on to this past Sunday's Just Music program. Meate helped form the legendary non-music ensemble Smegma in the early 70's and Jackie joined just in time for the classic Smegma LP Pigs For Lepers. While Smegma is still a band(the new record, Mirage, on Important Records is AMAZING), Jackie and Ju Suk have been perfroming as The Tenses. Ju Suk explains The Tenses as a "smaller, more focused version of Smegma." They played an amazing set live in the studio and we spent the ensuing 45 minutes picking their brains about the origins of the LAFMS, Portland's punk rock scene in the 70's, and a bunch of random shit. We could have listened to their stories for hours...

1.Wild Man Fischer - I'm Not Shy Anymore from An Evening With Wild Man Fischer LP (Bizarre)
2.Sproton Layer - Bush / Tidal Wave from With Magnetic Fields Disrupted CD (New Alliance)
3.Struggler - Emptiness from It Was A Very Long Conversation But At The End We Didn't Shake Hands LP (Not So Brave)
4.Love Cry Want - Tomorrow, Today Will Be Yesterday from Love Cry Want LP (Weird Forest)
5.Amon Duul - Show Your Thurst And Sun Your Open Mouth from Paradieswarts Duul (Ohr/WahWah)
6.Smegma - Pigs For Lepers from Pigs For Lepers LP (Pigface)
7.Hunting Lodge - Hand of Glory from Will LP (S/M Operations)
8.RomanticaA. Semmler - Romantic: Springtime from Background Music For Home Movies LP (Folkways)
9.Amral's Trinidad Cavaliers Sttel Drum Orchestra - The World Is A Ghetto from Cross Continental Record Raid Road Trip LP(Finders Keepers)
10.Watersports - More from Natural History 2xCS (Dog Daze Tapes)
11.Stillbirth - Untitled from Toward Sailor LP (Hospital)
12.The Tenses - Untitled Live in the EVR Studio
13.Chat with Jus Suk Reet Meate and Jackie Oblivia
14.Smegma - World Of My Own from Mirage LP (Important)

Listen to the full show here, or you can be a little bitch about it and just listen to the The Tenses' performance here.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Playlist for Just Music 6/12/11

This past Sunday, I was joined by friend/conspirator Bob Bellerue. Bob's involvement in the underground includes performance, running a record label(Anarchymoon Recordings), and show curation. This summer, Bob has put together an outstanding three days of experimental sound known as Ende Tymes. The festival runs June 24th through the 26th and features performances by a shit-ton of amazing performers from around the country. Bob dropped by the EVR studio with a suitcase of recordings of Ende Tymes performers and we had one of the darkier,noisier Just Music programs in recent memory.

1.Bourbonese Qualk - Stop the City from Something Stirs LP
2.Oneida - Pre-Human from Absolute II LP(Jagjaguwar) Jagjaguwar
3.Actuary - First Mover from Pregnat Spore/Actuary Split CS (Rainbow Bridge Recordings)
4.La Dusseldorf - Menschen 1 from Individuellos LP (Albion)
5.Hexbreaker Quartet - Untitled from Live at Psycotropa (2/12/11)
6.Phil Niblock - Hurdy Hurry from Touch Works, For Hurdy Gurdy and Voice CD (Touch)
7.Burning Star Core - Mes Soldats Stupides (demo) from Let's Play Like Wildcats Do CD (Hospital / RRR)
8.John Mannion - Track 1 from Slice Through Or/In Glassmetal LP (Hanson)
9.Postcommodity - Track 2 from Your New Age Dream Contains More Blood Than You Imagine LP (Anarchymoon Recordings)
10.Twisty Cat - Untitled from Live at Psychotropa (2/12/11)
11.If, Bwana - Cicada Fantasy from Mannsized LP (Banned Production)
12.Brown - Lepidoptera from Lepidoptera LP (Anarchymoon Recordings)
13.KILT - Untitled from Live in Houston
14,Tom Grimley - Track 2 from Looks Like We Automate It!! LP(Anarchymoon Recordings)
15.Damion Romero - Untitled from corralComp05 CD (Anarchymoon Recordings)
16.Monsturo - K from Cold Fire (Anarchymoon Recordings)
17.GX Jupitter-Larsen with Cheapmachines - Continuous Tunnel Clock from GX Jupitter-Larsen with Cheapmachines (Anarchymoon Recordings)
18.Gallhammer - Wander from The End CD (Peaceville)
19.Andrew Coltrane - Track 2 from AxCxBxBx LP (Anarchymoon Recordings)
20.Anal Cunt - You're A Cop from I Like It When You Die CD (Earache)
21.J. Soliday -III from Again CD (Power Silence)
22.Novasak - The Thick And The Thin from Split LP (Swamp Of Pus Quality Media)
23.ISA Christ - Untitled from Live in Nyack 4/1/11

Listen to the show here.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Playlist for Just Music 6/5/11

Still reeling from watching one of our heroes, Richard Pinhas, the night before, the Just Music show was justifiably vibed out on a whole new cosmic level of vibeness. We played half a dub-step tune and sick new jams from the Bezoar Formations label out of San Francisco.

1.Neon Blud - Neon Nites from Compact Heat 7" (Cult Maternal)
2.Vacuum - Kicks from Kicks 7" (Siltbreeze)
3.Christine 23 Onna - Groovy Spacy '70 from Shiny Crystal Planet CD (Alchemy)
4.Pregnant Spore - Untitled from Opiate Chapel CS (Rainbow Bridge)
5.Tiger Hatchery - Untitled from S/T 12" (Night People)
6.Sounds of the Indian Snake Charmer - Untitled from S/T LP (Hanson)
7.Anemone Lodge - Untitled from II CS (Bezoar Formations)
8.Peter Brotzmann Octet - Responsible (First Take) from Machine Gun CD (FMP)
9.Opponents- Untitled from Ambivalent Cloud Designs CS (Obsolete Units) 10.Heldon - Baader-Meinhof Blues (R.P.) from Soutien a la RAF 7" (Disjuncta) Jun 05
11.Robert Schroeder- Skywalker from 12"(Interactive Communications)
12.DOK - West Coast - West Coast 12" (Hyperdub)
13.Raw Thug - Neck-Taw-Reen from Sugar Pills CS (Bezoar Formations)
14.Yellow Crystal Star - Untitled from Rainbow Bridge to Nonlocality LP (?) 15.Grateful Dead - He's Gone from Europe '72 CS (WB)
16.R. Conrado / P. Montanari - Ready Money from Flipper Psychout-Italian Library Music LP (Vampi Soul )
17.The Golden Ring - The Lost from ? (?) Jun 05
18.Love - Feel Daddy Feel Good from False Start LP (Blue Thumb)
19.Bigth Engleberts & The B.E. Movement - Get Together from Tolambo Funk CD(Hot Casa)
20.Gil Scott-Heron -Peace Go With You Brother from Soul Jazz Loves Strata East CD (Soul Jazz) Jun 05
21.? - Along The Beach from ? (?)
22.Martin Newell - Stars Are Cold from Songs for... A Fallow Land LP (Fixed Identity)

Listen to the show here.