Monday, June 06, 2011

Playlist for Just Music 6/5/11

Still reeling from watching one of our heroes, Richard Pinhas, the night before, the Just Music show was justifiably vibed out on a whole new cosmic level of vibeness. We played half a dub-step tune and sick new jams from the Bezoar Formations label out of San Francisco.

1.Neon Blud - Neon Nites from Compact Heat 7" (Cult Maternal)
2.Vacuum - Kicks from Kicks 7" (Siltbreeze)
3.Christine 23 Onna - Groovy Spacy '70 from Shiny Crystal Planet CD (Alchemy)
4.Pregnant Spore - Untitled from Opiate Chapel CS (Rainbow Bridge)
5.Tiger Hatchery - Untitled from S/T 12" (Night People)
6.Sounds of the Indian Snake Charmer - Untitled from S/T LP (Hanson)
7.Anemone Lodge - Untitled from II CS (Bezoar Formations)
8.Peter Brotzmann Octet - Responsible (First Take) from Machine Gun CD (FMP)
9.Opponents- Untitled from Ambivalent Cloud Designs CS (Obsolete Units) 10.Heldon - Baader-Meinhof Blues (R.P.) from Soutien a la RAF 7" (Disjuncta) Jun 05
11.Robert Schroeder- Skywalker from 12"(Interactive Communications)
12.DOK - West Coast - West Coast 12" (Hyperdub)
13.Raw Thug - Neck-Taw-Reen from Sugar Pills CS (Bezoar Formations)
14.Yellow Crystal Star - Untitled from Rainbow Bridge to Nonlocality LP (?) 15.Grateful Dead - He's Gone from Europe '72 CS (WB)
16.R. Conrado / P. Montanari - Ready Money from Flipper Psychout-Italian Library Music LP (Vampi Soul )
17.The Golden Ring - The Lost from ? (?) Jun 05
18.Love - Feel Daddy Feel Good from False Start LP (Blue Thumb)
19.Bigth Engleberts & The B.E. Movement - Get Together from Tolambo Funk CD(Hot Casa)
20.Gil Scott-Heron -Peace Go With You Brother from Soul Jazz Loves Strata East CD (Soul Jazz) Jun 05
21.? - Along The Beach from ? (?)
22.Martin Newell - Stars Are Cold from Songs for... A Fallow Land LP (Fixed Identity)

Listen to the show here.

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