Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Playlist for Just Music 6/12/11

This past Sunday, I was joined by friend/conspirator Bob Bellerue. Bob's involvement in the underground includes performance, running a record label(Anarchymoon Recordings), and show curation. This summer, Bob has put together an outstanding three days of experimental sound known as Ende Tymes. The festival runs June 24th through the 26th and features performances by a shit-ton of amazing performers from around the country. Bob dropped by the EVR studio with a suitcase of recordings of Ende Tymes performers and we had one of the darkier,noisier Just Music programs in recent memory.

1.Bourbonese Qualk - Stop the City from Something Stirs LP
2.Oneida - Pre-Human from Absolute II LP(Jagjaguwar) Jagjaguwar
3.Actuary - First Mover from Pregnat Spore/Actuary Split CS (Rainbow Bridge Recordings)
4.La Dusseldorf - Menschen 1 from Individuellos LP (Albion)
5.Hexbreaker Quartet - Untitled from Live at Psycotropa (2/12/11)
6.Phil Niblock - Hurdy Hurry from Touch Works, For Hurdy Gurdy and Voice CD (Touch)
7.Burning Star Core - Mes Soldats Stupides (demo) from Let's Play Like Wildcats Do CD (Hospital / RRR)
8.John Mannion - Track 1 from Slice Through Or/In Glassmetal LP (Hanson)
9.Postcommodity - Track 2 from Your New Age Dream Contains More Blood Than You Imagine LP (Anarchymoon Recordings)
10.Twisty Cat - Untitled from Live at Psychotropa (2/12/11)
11.If, Bwana - Cicada Fantasy from Mannsized LP (Banned Production)
12.Brown - Lepidoptera from Lepidoptera LP (Anarchymoon Recordings)
13.KILT - Untitled from Live in Houston
14,Tom Grimley - Track 2 from Looks Like We Automate It!! LP(Anarchymoon Recordings)
15.Damion Romero - Untitled from corralComp05 CD (Anarchymoon Recordings)
16.Monsturo - K from Cold Fire (Anarchymoon Recordings)
17.GX Jupitter-Larsen with Cheapmachines - Continuous Tunnel Clock from GX Jupitter-Larsen with Cheapmachines (Anarchymoon Recordings)
18.Gallhammer - Wander from The End CD (Peaceville)
19.Andrew Coltrane - Track 2 from AxCxBxBx LP (Anarchymoon Recordings)
20.Anal Cunt - You're A Cop from I Like It When You Die CD (Earache)
21.J. Soliday -III from Again CD (Power Silence)
22.Novasak - The Thick And The Thin from Split LP (Swamp Of Pus Quality Media)
23.ISA Christ - Untitled from Live in Nyack 4/1/11

Listen to the show here.

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