Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tuesday,October 5th :Hex Breaker Quintet/Expo 70/Dead Line Connector

Please join us for a very special night of conjuration and celebration.

Hex Breaker Quintet
(Telecult Powers + Grasshopper)

Expo 70

Dead Line Connector

This is one of the final shows for Hex Breaker as Steven has chosen to escape from New York for a while and begin a new journey.

Tuesday,October 5th,2010
258 Wythe Avenue
Brooklyn,NY 11211

More about the artists:

Hex Breaker Quintet

An unholy communion of electricity and air, Hex Breaker Quintet merges the considerable talents of Telecult Powers and Grasshopper; two of the most original and exciting sound projects that have radiated from King's County in some time. Homemade synths, electrically tortured brass and third eye hallucinations combine and dance along the dark horizon.

Expo 70

Expo '70 is the main driving improvisational essence of Justin Wright. Having started the project in Los Angeles in 2003, Wright has pushed his project to new levels, releasing a number of albums as cdr's and 2 full-length albums. Expo '70's first album "Animism", which debuted in 2007 on Kill Shaman, is an eclectic mix of krautrock, ambient drone, space exploration and minimal compositions. Comparisons range from Brian Eno, Ash Ra Tempel, A.R. & Machines, SunnO))) and Earth, but not directly sounding like any of those artists in their entirety.

Dead Line Connector

DLC is the power electronics project of Abandon Ship Records' founder Nate Rulli. Paying tribute to the mid 90's heyday of Japanese artists such as MSBR and CCCC while pushing the sound forward in new directions.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mapping the grid

Sorry for the lack of jams and updates, I hope to be getting back into a regular schedule soon. In the meantime I've created a Facebook group for the Avant Ghetto shows. So, if you live in the NYC area and stare at pictures of girls from high school all day long on FB, you might as well join.

Also, I'm starting an email list. To subscribe, drop an email with "Vampire Weekend is for pussies" in the subject to

To bring the corporate brainwashing full circle, I'm on twitter now. I plan on keeping rigorous notes of shows, celebrity sightings and bowel movements.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Buy some shit

It pains me to have to sell some stuff but I like to eat. Just listed a bunch of shit on Discogs. Check it out here.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

September 14th: Greg Davis + Ben Vida/Geoff Mullen/Lussuria

Avant Ghetto Presents:

Greg Davis + Ben Vida

Geoff Mullen


Tuesday, September 14th 9PM
258 Wythe Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211

More about the artists:

Greg Davis(VT)

Greg Davis plays everything from guitar to khaen to gongs to
synthesizer to pine cones to laptop and more. He primarily works as a solo musician but has worked in a variety of musical situations with
Jeph Jerman, Zach Wallace (as Sun Circle), Keith Fullerton Whitman,
Sebastien Roux, Steven Hess, Joseph Grimm and Akron/Family. Davis has released lots of music on labels such as Carpark, Kranky, Important, Tompkins Square, Tonschacht, Room40, Ghostly and more. He has toured and travelled around the world sharing his openness to all sounds and musical experiences. Davis makes his home in Burlington, Vermont where he works on music, audio mastering and has been active in developing a new scene for other musics. Greg’s recent live sets have focused on a shared meditative drone experience which creates an environment conducive for the practice of deep listening in the present moment with a clear mind free of prejudice.

Ben Vida (NYC)

For over ten years Ben Vida has been writing, recording and releasing
records. Playing in such bands as Town and Country, Singer and DRMWPN and playing solo under the name Bird Show. He has released records with many labels including Thrill Jockey, Drag City and Kranky. Ben has toured extensively around the United States, Europe and Japan -Kranky Records

Lussuria (NY)

Lussuria performs Ambient Noise nostalgic for the early days of the
genre. Citing pioneers as Halfler Trio, Mlehst, Maeror Tri, and NON,
the music of Lussuria fluxuates between collaged soundscapes, hypnotic drones, and noise rumbling. Formed in 2006, Lussuria have released material through such labels as Hospital Productions, Amortout, Destructive Industries, and Razors and Medicine. In addition, have performed stateside and abroad. Currently the project have completed work on a full length due out on
Hospital Productions later this year.

Geoff Mullen (RI)

I first became aware of Mullen's guitar excursions through his
additions to the excellent Invisible Pyramid box set put out a few
years ago by Providence based Last Visible Dog records. In addition to introducing me to the beautiful writing of Loren Eisley, that
expansive 6 CD document has yielded countless hours of aural bliss
with Mullen's contributions being my personal favorites. On that set,
Mullen transcended mere Takoma worship with his use of subtle white noise that only enhanced his beautiful acoustic guitar playing. Having followed Mullen's career since then it is evident the man is a
restless creative spirit and one of a handful of guitarists who can
still keep things interesting. - Jeff Conklin (Avant Ghetto)