Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Eternal Tapestry "The Declining Star" CS (Night People)

Hailing from the fertile pastures of Portland, Oregon; Eternal Tapestry have been not-so-quietly breathing fiery life into the underground scene for a couple years now. Taking cues from historical monsters such as Hawkwind, Amon Duul II, and the PSF label ; these gentlemen succeed in creating music that references the past without slavishly imitating it. With each release, Eternal Tapestry refine their heady mix of motorik throb and noisy gristle. "The Declining Star" cassette finds these nomads hurtling toward the center of the sun . Opener "Ascending" hurls out of the gate with a scuzzy dirt riff riding a ferocious teutonic beat. A second guitar joins the fray, adding alternating blasts of white hot melodic fury and artfully sculptured noise. Soon enough the main riff drops out and is replaced with a jaw dropping low octave crunch groove blanketed with a shower of guitar deathrays . The remaining two tracks display a slower, more contemplative side but are no less interesting. The "Declining Star" displays a band of egoless jammers engaged in a conversation with the cosmos.

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Eternal Tapestry "The Declining Star"

2.The Mountain's Foot
3. Lust Path

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