Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Save Silent Barn

via East Village Radio

New York is a vanishing city—no street or block looks the same year to year. Geographically and culturally, Silent Barn has always been “out there.” Located in the Ridgewood section of Queens, the live/work/performance space was founded in 2004 by artists and musicians on that now all-too-familiar eastward flee from Williamsburg and it’s homogenization.

The story of the artist, the developer, the well-heeled culture-vampire, young professionals, and the displacement of the working class is a tale that has been told but Silent Barn always felt different. Located on a stretch of nothing in the middle of nowhere, Silent Barn’s shelf-life as a haven for the presentation of the unmarketable in art and music seemed longer than most. The perpetually sharpie-marked among us figured as long as people dedicated to the fringe ran it and the sidewalk was kept clear, the space would continue flourish. Over the course of it’s seven years of existence, Silent Barn has nourished the careers of notable NYC acts like Vivian Girls, Woods, Liturgy, Real Estate and scores of lesser-known artists across the spectrum of the modern underground from around the world. Most recently, it was home to the massively successful Ende Tymes Noise festival.

This past weekend, Silent Barn was hobbled by a blast of cold urban reality — the venue was robbed and ransacked. Thieves walked out of Silent Barn’s doors onto Wyckoff Avenue carrying thousands of dollars of audio equipment, cash, and artwork and sent an already tight-knit community into shock. Silent Barn’s Facebook page has been lit up with well wishes and words of solidarity from fans and musicians from around the world. Benefit shows and compilations are in the works to help keep Silent Barn operating and its principals have just launched a Kickstarter to help defray the costs of replacing that which is replaceable and to make necessary renovations to keep the space safe and viable for years to come.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Playlist for Just Music 7/10/11

Amazing show this past weekend if I do say so myself. Not only did we have an amazing live performance by Lussuria but our faithful intern blew our minds with some choice early industrial cuts. We also heard a stunning piece from our friend Noveller's latest LP on Weird Forest and some great atmospheric BM from Ash Borer.

1.Cows - Hitting The Wall from Old Gold (1989-1991) CD (Amrep)
2.Total Abuse - Disease from S/T LP (Deranged)
3.Unholy Two - Beirut 1983 from Altamont 1969 7" (Columbus Discount)
4.Chrome - You've Been Duplicated from Half Machine Lip Moves LP (Dossier) 5.Deutsch Amerikanische Freunschaft - El Basilon from Die Kleinen und Die Bosen LP (Mute)
6.Crispy Ambulance - Deaf from Dreams Never End - The Beginning Spirit's Night CD
7.Argumentix - Eyes Without A Face from Eyes Without A Face CS (Barf)
8.Torturing Nurse - txnxtxnxt from Torturing Nurse/Vertonen Split LP (Rococo)
8.Konstructivists - Twilight Pun from Flowmotion Years 1980-1982 LP (Vinyl-on-demand)
10.Lussuria - Live in the EVR Studio
11.Ash Borer - In The Midst Of Life, We Are In Death from S/T CS (Psychic Violence)
12.Geoff Mullen - Untitled from Armory Radio LP (Barge Recordings) 13.Maryanne Amacher - Living Sound, Patent Pending Music For Sound-Joined Rooms Series (Edit) from OHM: The Early Gurus Of Electronic Music CD (Ellipsis Arts)
14.Noveller - Resolutions from Glacial Glow LP (Weird Forest)
15.Ju Suk Reet Meate - (has no name, only drawing) from Acnode One LP (Poo-Bah)
16.Guru Guru - Girl Call from UFO LP (Think Progressive)
17.Wrnlrd - War from Oneiromantical War LP (Flingcosound)

Listen to the show here.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Playlist for Just Music 7/3/11

Weird times this past weekend at EVR. There was some kind of goth shindig happening at Luck Cheng's (the drag-queen bar/restaurant across the street from EVR) and we were interrupted by pock-faced suburbanites every 10 minutes from Long Island asking where the party was at. We were then visited by a swank-y lawyer type who was taking two fine young women out on the town. None of this, of course, is audible on the archive.

Anyway, it was a really good show and you should listen to it.

1.The Homosexuals - Hearts in Exile from 7" (Lorelei No. 1)
2.Pak - Sex Cult Thing from 7" (Pak)
3.SM Nurse - Miti Mi from SM Nurse CS (Top Tape/Stichting Stopcontact)
4.P.D. - Progressive Disco 1 from Inweglos LP (Wahrnehmungen)
5.Dyslexic Artsehcro - I Killed Mom from Tomorrow Might Look Beter In Someone Else's Eyes LP (Frozen Sound Studio)
6.Prurient - A Meal Can Be Made from Bermuda Drain LP (Hyrda Head)
7.Alberich - Thus, I Curse Love from Psychology of Love LP (Hospital Productions)
8.Skullflower - Sleipnir from Fucked On A Pile Of Corpses CD (Cold Spring)
9.Hawkwind - Motorway City from Zones LP (Flicknife)
10.Gong - Flying Teapot from Radio Gnome Invisible Part. 1 LP (Virgin) 11.English Dogs - Nightmare of Reality from Metalmorphosis LP (Combat) 12.Catacomb - Time's Lurker from In The Maze of Kadath 7" (Drowned Productions)
13.Il Balletto Di Bronzo - Un Posto from Sirio 2222 LP (Profondo Nero Dischi)
14.Sroeng Santi - Kuen Kuen Leung Leung from Thai? Dai!CD (Finders Keepers) 15.Don Cherry - Moving Pictures For The Ear from Tibet LP (First American) 16.Hex Breaker Quartet - Crowned And Conquering Child from 2xCS (Regula's Riches)
17.Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene Part II from Oxygene LP (Polydor)
18.Voder Deth Squad - Side II (Excerpt) from I CS (Stunned)
19.GX Jupitter-Larson - The Internationale from The Internationale CS (Banned Production) Jul 03
20. Telex - Moskow Disko (Disco Mix) from 12" (Sire)

Click HERE to listen to the archive.