Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Playlist for Just Music 7/3/11

Weird times this past weekend at EVR. There was some kind of goth shindig happening at Luck Cheng's (the drag-queen bar/restaurant across the street from EVR) and we were interrupted by pock-faced suburbanites every 10 minutes from Long Island asking where the party was at. We were then visited by a swank-y lawyer type who was taking two fine young women out on the town. None of this, of course, is audible on the archive.

Anyway, it was a really good show and you should listen to it.

1.The Homosexuals - Hearts in Exile from 7" (Lorelei No. 1)
2.Pak - Sex Cult Thing from 7" (Pak)
3.SM Nurse - Miti Mi from SM Nurse CS (Top Tape/Stichting Stopcontact)
4.P.D. - Progressive Disco 1 from Inweglos LP (Wahrnehmungen)
5.Dyslexic Artsehcro - I Killed Mom from Tomorrow Might Look Beter In Someone Else's Eyes LP (Frozen Sound Studio)
6.Prurient - A Meal Can Be Made from Bermuda Drain LP (Hyrda Head)
7.Alberich - Thus, I Curse Love from Psychology of Love LP (Hospital Productions)
8.Skullflower - Sleipnir from Fucked On A Pile Of Corpses CD (Cold Spring)
9.Hawkwind - Motorway City from Zones LP (Flicknife)
10.Gong - Flying Teapot from Radio Gnome Invisible Part. 1 LP (Virgin) 11.English Dogs - Nightmare of Reality from Metalmorphosis LP (Combat) 12.Catacomb - Time's Lurker from In The Maze of Kadath 7" (Drowned Productions)
13.Il Balletto Di Bronzo - Un Posto from Sirio 2222 LP (Profondo Nero Dischi)
14.Sroeng Santi - Kuen Kuen Leung Leung from Thai? Dai!CD (Finders Keepers) 15.Don Cherry - Moving Pictures For The Ear from Tibet LP (First American) 16.Hex Breaker Quartet - Crowned And Conquering Child from 2xCS (Regula's Riches)
17.Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene Part II from Oxygene LP (Polydor)
18.Voder Deth Squad - Side II (Excerpt) from I CS (Stunned)
19.GX Jupitter-Larson - The Internationale from The Internationale CS (Banned Production) Jul 03
20. Telex - Moskow Disko (Disco Mix) from 12" (Sire)

Click HERE to listen to the archive.

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