Thursday, April 01, 2010

Mark Mcguire/Hexbreaker Quintet/Sam Goldberg/Human Teenager TONIGHT!!!

I'm not nearly old enough to espouse on the long form degradation of the New York City music scene. I can say with some authority and first hand experience that the sterilization of what passes for the underground within the city limits (most notably McBrooklyn) accelerates each year with the seemingly endless influx of smug, overeducated charlatans playing artist and directing all the bills for their faux-bohemian lifestyle to Oedipal addresses in the suburban wasteland of mediocrity. Thankfully there are still some warriors fighting the good fight and the stars have aligned to bring us a night of amazing jams at Death By Audio.

Mark Mcguire
Sam Goldberg as Radio People
Hexbreaker Quintet ( Telecult Powers + Jesse from Grasshopper + Carlos Hernandez)
Human Teenager (Taylor Richardson from Infinity Window/Sunburned w/ Gary War)

April 1st,2010


Death By Audio
495 South 2nd Street
Brooklyn,NY 11211

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