Monday, April 04, 2011

Michael Morley on East Village Radio

Casey and I welcomed Michael Morley (The Dead C,Gate) on the Just Music program on April 3rd, 2011. Michael did a live performance using his laptop and a synthesizer program for a handheld Nintendo system. The set was really incredible. Michael followed that up with a raw demo for his next Gate LP; a beat driven piece of warped techno that will surely send long-time Gate fans into a spiral of confusion. Mr.Morley hung out for the whole show, chatted with us, ate some matza(donated by our new friend and rabbinacal student Ari)played some tracks and bought some art from our buddy PMD. Listen to the archive here.

Playlist for Just Music 4/3/11

1. Coolies - "Holiday" from Master LP
2. Coolies - "Pull the Trigger" from Master LP
3. Idi Amin and the Amputees - "Disco Bitch" from Disco Bitch 7"
4. The 3ds - "Summer Stone" from Summer Stone 7"
5. Harry Pussy - "Nazi U.S.A: from What Was Music? LP
6. Simply Saucer - "Nazi Apocalypse" from Cyborgs Revisited LP
7. Medicine and Duty - "Baton Charge" from Sunken Carnival LP
8. Claire Thomas and Susan Vezey - "Diamonds and Ashes" from Snatch Paste: An Assortment of Snatch Tapes LP
9. Anthony Braxton - "Cut Two" from Five Pieces 1975 LP
10.Gate(Michael Morley) - "Untitled" Live in EVR studio
11.Gate - "Hijack" from Saturday Night Fever (unreleased)
12. Alberich - "Skyweeper" from NATO-Uniformen Cassette Box Set
13. Stereo - "Somewheere in the Night" from Somewhere in the Night LP
14. Suicide - "Dream Baby Dream" from The Second Album LP
15. Wolf Eyes - "Dead In a Boat" from Burned Mind LP

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televisiontower said...

Yes. This rules. Dead C truly greatness.