Tuesday, May 26, 2009

MV & EE with the Golden Road "Sasquatch Creamie"

So, the MV & EE thing has been somewhat problematic for me. Having been a long time fan of the Tower Recordings; the mothership that deployed MV and EE into our sphere of consciousness, I am somewhat surprised at how difficult it has been for me to get on the bus when it comes to the recordings of MV & EE with whatever wandering minstrels happen to constitute the Golden/Bummer/Whatever Road. There are always very good moments on each studio record but they rarely illicit follow up sessions. Being a firm believer in the power of the live electric testimonial, I have ventured to a few lofts/bars/and open fields and bent my ears to recieve the MV & EE gospel always leaving satisfied but not converted. With the exception of a 30 minute instrumental that took place at Free103.9's farm in the Catskills that to this day stands as one of the most revelatory aural experiences of my life, perhaps it was pure (un)luck that I always seemed to hit shows where the jams just didn't gel...Fortunately for all of us, the band was totally hooked up on 2008-11-03 at the Oxfam Cafe in Medford, MA, and the tape was rolling. Part of a seemingly endless deluge of live releases, Sasquatch Creamie is 60 minutes of timeless hazy psych with MV & EE combining the Dead's free rock approach with Crazy Horse's ragged crunch to gloriously lysergic effect. Backed ably by the Golden Road, Matt Valentine's guitar playing takes center stage as it spirals skybound from the front porch like some back-country astronaut. Sasquatch Creamie is a fantastic document of a band that has successfully absorbed 40 years of psychedelic music and are able to put their own cosmic signature on the wall of sound.

MV & EE with the Golden Road - "Sasquatch Creamie"

1.Satisfied Rain (20:01)
2.The Burden (6:41)
3.Home Comfort (7:21)
4.Summer Magic > Environments > Get Right Church (29:14)

*This is a rip from the cassette version which was released by Yod Tapes in very limited qualities. It may still be available at Volcanic Toungue. There is also a CDR version that may still be available directly from the band, email them at lunarmv@hotmail.com for details...Always support the artists!


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