Saturday, September 12, 2009

Peter Michael Hamel - Nada (Celestial Harmonies, 1980)

Peter Michael Hamel is probably best known for his totally righteous Voice of Silence release and his involvement in Between, a progressive unit that issued a couple of interesting records in the early 70's. As a composer and keyboard player, Hamel tapped into the cosmos and became a de-facto leader for the burgeoning New Age genre. A student of Indian raga and the avant garde , Hamel's work is not just pretty electronic music as Nada's second track "Silence", a piece for prepared piano can attest. Nada's highlight is the sidelong "Beyond the Wall of Sleep" : featuring four synthesizers and an electric organ that come together to create deep harmonic space complete with a dizzying bass gurgle and shot through with melodic rays. Highly recommended for fans of Emeralds and the Arbor label.

Peter Michael Hamel - Nada (Celestial Harmonies,1980)

3.Slow Motion
4.Beyond The Wall Of Sleep



Klockwerk said...

I just paid for this just a couple of weeks ago, for the second time in my life. It was hard finding an online mp3 purveyor, who was not based in Europe who had this. This is my favorite PMH album, and a required listen for any Berlin School music fan. Oh yea, who were those other people, who's fans you recommended this to?

Anonymous said...

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Thanks,it´s hard to find material
peter hamel.Great share.