Friday, August 01, 2008

Dark Yoga

The mere mention of yoga brings to my mind the sight of beautiful yuppie broads who would never give a troll like me the time of day traipsing through NYC in their "my workout clothes cost more than your rent" getups with the ubiquitous foam mat peeking from their designer messenger bags. Of course I've come to realize there are physical,emotional,and mental benefits to yoga and you do not have to be trust fund scum to practice it. That being said, I benefit far more from the sound of deep psych improv jams from the pacific northwest. Dark Yoga is the all improvising project of third eye burners Adam Forkner, Honey Owens, Dan Barone, Matt McDowell, and Brian Thackeray. When not jamming with their other equally impressive units(White Rainbow, Jackie-O Motherfucker,Brave Priest, Valet and countless other configurations) these folks get together and lay down some killer blissed out grooves in a secret cave in Portland. Occasionally they venture out into the light to lay waste to hungry freaks with sporadic gigs. Thankfully, the good folks at listener supported KBOO invited Dark Yoga to lay down some jams and the results were released in extremely limited quantities by Yarnlazer. I was lucky enough to get a copy(Thanks Dan) and can not in good conscience not share them with other heads. Enjoy!

Dark Yoga "Live at KBOO"

1.Improv 1
2.Improv 2
3.Improv 3
4.Improv 4
5.Improv 5

Cosmic Burn


Gravalax said...

hey, phanner. just added you to un blog andalou friends. looking forward to your posts.

theeasysubcult said...

love dark yoga. and marble sheep (we (WE HAVE HEAVEN) just did a show for and with them). raccccooooon too. keep it up friend.

Anonymous said...

good one! i just added up a lot of another emo backgrounds on my blog