Sunday, August 10, 2008

RACCOO-OO-OON "Mythos Folkways Vol.3: Divination Night"

I have to thank my good friend Casey for dropping this bomb on me. Casey runs EAT Records in Brooklyn and is always turning me on to incredible jams. People know when they have great music they want to be disseminated to worthy ears, they go to Casey and he will help out. Such is the case with Racco-oo-oon. Casey had picked up some copies of this record to sell at his shop and informed me I needed to check it out. I must admit the band name threw me off as I was thinking it was RATAAATTTbullshit. Upon dropping the needle however, I knew this was no post modern pastiche of pop garbage. Drawing equally from rock, free jazz, and some kind of pagan folk music that may never have existed in the first place, Raccoo-oo-oon deliver one of the most amazing pieces of tribal scuzz fusion these ears have ever heard. Anchored by incredibly nimble yet savage drumming and floated by a spaced out array of piano, guitar, spooked vocals and God knows what else, this record singlehandedly reaffirmed my belief in free music. Released in an obscenely limited run by the venerable Woodsist last year this is a record whose power cannot be observed with a cursory listen. It's a record full of warmth, wide eyed optimism and gentle revelation. I've taken to calling it by a new name "Torch of the Trout Mask at the Gates of Dawn"...Enjoy and find some of their available releases and buy some shit.

A special thanks goes out to Joe the Engineer who has lovingly ripped these high quality files from the vinyl.

Raccoo-oo-oon "Mythos Folkways Vol.3: Divination Night"
Woodsist rcords 2007

1.Witches' Hair
2.Painted Silver
3.Delta Wastes
4.The Dying Shrine/Shrine for the Dying

Sun Zoom Spark


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