Friday, August 07, 2009


A colleague recently forwarded GA'ANs myspace page to me, and my initial thoughts flashed on Magma being fronted by Dagmar Krause without the political bullshit. Sufficiently impressed by the sample jams, I went and saw these Chicagoans slay the crowd of metal-heads, prog nerds and rock sluts(no shit, it was like a Warrant video) assembled at Death by Audio on Thursday night. GA'AN combines a muscular yet nimble rhythm section, a genuinne synth-wizard and a strong female vocalist to unleash a dark tide of grooves, space and texture. On this particular untitled cassette they wander into some great murk drone territory with gorgeous synth twinkle before blasting into a full rock stomp. The wordless vocals mesh perfectly within the synth zone while the bass and drums dance across time. This is a great fucking tape.

These dudes are on tour, check them out if you can and buy their shit and show some love.

GA'AN - S/T CS (Self-Released)

Side A - Untitled
Side B- Untitled



tony said...

i missed the death by audio show, but i just caught them last night at silent barn w/ harry merry and child abuse...

btw, i forwarded them a link to yr page...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

very like this one theirs track
from previous tape (?) i think