Friday, August 21, 2009

Puffy Areolas - Final High (? CS20,2009?)

These dudes rolled through town a few months back and I had the good fortune of seeing them play Cake Shop the evening of Plastic Crimewave's Guitarkestra project(which ruled). Psyched about their majestic moniker and thirsting for some new sound I checked out their myspace page a few days before the show and was treated to some blown out brown-acid type freakouts which provided ample excuse for making it to the gig on time. My memory fails as to whether they were a four or five piece that night, but they definitely had one guitar, a bass, drums, and a singer. For some reason when I see a band with a "lead" singer(not playing any instrument) my palms get sweaty and my mind flashes on terrible Aerosmith-ish flights of cockrock. Of course there are exceptions to the lead singer cringe rule with Rob Tyner and Iggy being the most fitting examples. Well, basically the line-up looked a little thin to create the kind of warped psych dirges that were represented on their myspace page. And true enough, the ensuing set consisted of short blasts of psych-punk fury that can only be brewed in the basement cauldrons of the mid-west. A solid rhythm section kept a feverish pulse while the guitarist alternated between scorched earth riffing and paint peeling leads. The vocals are of the loud unintelligible variety that add a nice layer of texture to the proceedings. I gripped a few tapes at the show(this, and a double on Pizza Night) and the jams are righteous. Final High;5 songs clocking in at 20 minutes, is a rave up of classic garage with just enough fraying at the edges to keep it interesting. The important thing is; beneath the scuzz,there are simple and well written songs. And I love saying their fucking name.

I can't find the tape art online, and I'm too lazy to try and scan it somewhere so this picture of a tree-hugger who tried to sell me mushrooms will have to suffice. Also, there is no info on the tape about who put it out or song titles so if you know something leave a comment.

Puffy Areolas - Final High CS20


Safe as Milk


Dusty Areolas said...

Did you pick those tapes up from me at that show? I'm the fat areola! Either way, thanks for posting this and the props! There isn't many of these tapes around and no master! So I'm glad the people can get at it! Thank you!

Jeff said...

oh shit, yeah I guess I did get them from you....glad you don't mind me sharing the it self released? you have a tracklist?

Dusty Areolas said...

1) Get Me Out Of Houston (Dusty Vox & Lyrics)
2) Final High
3) The High Before You Die!
4) Noble Rot (Dusty Vox & Lyrics)
5) Sweat (Larry Jam)-Chopped & Screwed

We self released it before a short tour we did back in January and we had some leftover for the tour starting at PCW's Guitarkestra. Some of the songs on the tape will be on a full length LP which'll be out in Dec. or Jan. These are early versions, home recorded, with me on vox. The new versions are sick as fukk though. If it's cool with Sam, you should put that double cass. up too!

polk said...

i signed up for the columbus discount records singles club, and these cats are the first 7" out of the gate!

go bowling green!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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