Monday, May 09, 2011

Playlist for Just Music 05/08/11

It was a lovely evening in the East Village. Met a couple who had spent the day on ecstasy and munching on barbeque. Casey was lost. My friend Mike Wolf came down to the station loaded up with weird shit and I fell in love with Suck At Sports and Rainbow Bridge Recordings via their Inappropriate King Live tape.

1. Suck At Sports - Sperm/Ovum from I Will Wreak Havoc On You CD
2. Nomad - Kogeki Kaishi from Shigiru 7"
3. The Shrapnelles - My Mom Is Hot from Asscalibur 7"
4. Blue Cheer - Come And Get It from Outside/Inside LP
5. The Lemondrops - I Live In The Springtime from Crystal Pure! LP
6. The Harbinger Complex - I Think I'm Down from Nuggets Vol.12: Punk LP
7. Melvins - Charmicarmicat from Eggnogg EP
8. Halo of Flies - Headburn from Headburn 12"
9. Broken Water - Stop Means Stop from Peripheral Star EP
10.Surgery - Nationwide from Bronto LP
11.Masonna - Good Times Bad Times from Open Your Cunt CS
12.Skullflower - Wave(Excerpt) from Xaman LP
13.Rosemary - No You Listen from Extreme Music From Women CD
14.Cosmic Psychos - Custom Credit from Down On The Farm EP
15.Jane - Rock And Roll Star from Jane III LP
16.Vertigo - Master Of The Universe from S/T LP
17.Magnog - Lost Landing from S/T LP
18.Simon Wickham-Smith + Richard Youngs - Chiliast Hymn from Ceaucescu LP
19.Pussy Galore - Pretty Fuck Look/Spin Out from Groovy Hate Fuck LP
20.The Membranes - Mr.Charisma Brain from The Gift Of Life LP
21.Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments - Edge Central from You Can't Kill Stupid EP
22.Inappropriate King Live - Missing You Drearily from Actions Are Louder CS
23.The Dead C - Speed Kills from DR503 LP

Listen to the show here.


Justin Marc Lloyd said...

fell in love, huh? thank you so much. that means a lot to me! i really appreciate the support.

-rainbow bridge recordings/inappropriate king live

Jeff said...

the kind of love one has for a hooker.