Monday, May 16, 2011

Playlist for Just Music 5/15/11

Another night, another two hours of weirdness. This week's show was full of jams supplied by friends old and new. Our friend Jonas who runs the Phaser Prone label dropped off a fresh batch of tapes including work by Mark Lord, Dust and Roe Enney. Wm. M. Berger's Prison Tatt Records has some new documents out and we jammed the T.O.M.B. one-sided LP and Dhampyr's new transmission. We also debuted a track from Marc Orleans and Tom Carter's Eleven Twenty-Nine project on Northern Spy Records. Check out the archive here.

1. Rockets - On the Road Again from On the Road Again LP (Polydor)
2. Keith Fullerton Whitman - Auto Immune from Pacific Support CS (Draft)
3. Bardo Pond - Tests For New Swords from Tests For New Swords 7" (Siltbreeze)
4. Mark Lord - Byon/Equalizer Grey from Tachyon Firing Squad CS (Phaser Prone)
5. Stilllife - Rubrica from L.A. Mantra CS (Calypso Now)
6. Shingles - Blood Fuel from White Out CS (905 Tapes)
7. Bruce Russell - The Erasers (excerpt) from Project For a Revolution In New York LP (Siltbreeze)
8. T.O.M.B. - The Inhuman Condition from Xesse LP (Prison Tatt)
9. Lussuria - Untitled from Sunken Meadow CS (Hospital)
10. Eleven Twenty-Nine - Eyes of Jewels, Mirrored Bodies from Eleven Twenty-Nine LP (Northern Spy)
11. Aeternus - Sworn Revenge from Beyond The Wandering Moon CD (Hammerheart)
12. Dhampyr - Dans La Souffrance from White Fire Laudanum CD (Prison Tatt)
13. Burmese - Hum Lun Ho Nan Young from Lun Yurn LP (ugEXPLODE)
14. Dust - Pass from Ballet CS (Phaser Prone)
15. Bill Orcutt - Untitled from Tour 7" (Palilaila)
16. United Waters - Different Heavens from Your First Ever River LP (Arbitrary Signs)
17. Roe Enney - Magic Book from Damnatio Memoriae CS (Phaser Prone)
18. Navicon Torture Technologies - Black Vomit of Contempt from Bottomfeeder CS (Nil By Mouth)
19. Hijokaidan - Romance(excerpt) from Romance CD (Alchemy)

Listen, motherfuckers.

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